You know that feeling where the weight crashing down on your shoulders becomes so strong that you just feel blank? Like you just don't even know anymore.

The emotional pain becomes so strong that IT controls your life and moods.

Do you know this feeling?

Me too.

I hit my rock bottom back in May of 2017. I was living in daily emotional pain and confusion. I had this knowing that there was something deep within me to live through but there was just two problems.


ONE:  I didn't know what that "deep thing" was.

TWO: I had no blazing clue how to access it.


While trying to live through the darkest moments of my life, I quickly learned that this journey to emotional freedom is NOT meant to be walked alone.


What do I mean by Emotional Freedom? The goal isn't to create this human being who is numb to the emotions running through their body at every moment. The goal is to become so well acquainted with your emotions, to know what's coming through you and learn how to process this emotion so that it no longer has control over your life and ceasing your relationships. The goal is to have you feel powerful with emotions by your side rather than fearful to feel.


When you think of asking for guidance,

I'm sure one of the following is repeated in your head

>> it's weak

>> it strips your independence

>> it's equivalent to being broken

>> it means something is wrong with you


BUT in actuality, when you allow yourself to surrender into someone who has been before you and you ask for guidance you are then allowing yourself to be led down a path of joy, purpose, fulfillment, truth and love.


+ Is there something heavy on your heart?

+ Are you tired of battling your happiness?

+ Are you done wondering if there is something deeper

for you to be living through?

+ Are you ready to live through the depths of

who you were called to be?


I feel you Sister 

Let's connect on a quick call where you will feel safe, heard and seen. You will quickly know in your bones, that you are not alone. Together we will uncover what's blocking your truth and end a call with a tool to help bring clarity and release!


Sometimes we become so engraved in our auto-pilot mode that we forget life can be something different.

That we don't have to continue living in our emotional baggage and shame.  


So what are you waitin' for?

the choice is yours

it's okay to be fearful, so was I

but it will soon turn into feelings of release, freedom, and joy

Let's Chat!