Avoiding Creates Intensity

Jul 03, 2020

I invite you to state it OUT LOUD to yourself.

You know that pit of pain you feel in your gut?

Maybe from a past relationship?
Confused with where to go next in life?

Keeping it hidden in that precious body creates issues.


I know you desire depth. I know you desire pleasure. I know you desire freedom, purpose, love and flow.

But there’s something stopping you. Something is carelessly taking up space that doesn’t belong.

I hear you. You’re not alone…I’m right here with you.

Breathe for a moment. Give yourself a hug. Remind your body that you are safe. Tell Her it’s okay.

You know the one *thing* you’ve been avoiding? The one *thing* you are fearful to even think about?

Just state it out loud to yourself. Close your eyes. Plug your ears. Whatever you have to do….and feel the release that comes with it.

Share below how it felt to simply state it and share this w/ a babe who could use this reminder! 🌸💃🏼💜


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