How to Channel Your Inner Woman

Jul 21, 2020

I wasn’t taught how to let my Inner Woman out.


For the longest, I deeply betrayed the biggest blessing of my life.


For the first 23 years of my life, I hated me. I hid. I was so fearful of what She could do. I was so ashamed of Her.


She wanted to be sexy. She wanted to be seen. She wanted to speak with others. She wanted to showcase her goofy side.


But She was afraid.


Afraid of judgement.

Afraid of not being accepted.

Afraid of being laughed at for trying.

Afraid that what I viewed as sexy actually wasn’t.

Afraid that She was too bold.

Afraid that She was too head-strong.

Afraid that She would be labeled bossy.

Afraid that those She loved would leave her.



I lived in so much fear a good portion of my life.


That fear lead me to trapping my greatest gift into a tiny box hidden far within.


And that led me to accept men, behavior, and friends that didn’t align with my greatest good. That didn’t cherish and respect me. It allowed abuse, mind games, and added judgement.


Keeping her hidden has hurt my sexual desires. Keeping her hidden has hurt intimacy with myself and my fiancé. Was I allowed to want? Was I allowed to feel? Was I allowed to express juiciness, sexiness and exoticness that lived within me? These were the things that I questioned.


If I didn’t allow myself to take this path…eventually it would be another generational wound passed on to my future babes.


Will that happen with you?


Are you ready to reclaim that hidden Woman within you that is waiting to be unleashed? Are you tired of playing small in fear of…? Are you desiring to act on your sexiness? Are you ready to Channel Your Inner Woman?


YOU deserve whatever She wants. Shaming Her keeps her in hiding and keeps you unhappy and confused.


What does YOUR Inner Woman stand for? What makes YOUR Inner Woman feel alive? What does SHE want?


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