How to Deepen into YOUR TRUTH

Jul 13, 2020

connection with self












understanding of self

growth and development


 A handful of those a part of our community has expressed their deep desire for a container comprised of the above.


I feel that. With however you perceive the times we're in right now, at the core, there are so many of us feeling lonelyhurtconfused, and aching for a community filled with like-minds and something different.


Do you feel this too?

Comment and let me know if you too feel this ache and if so...




The very first step I took that has fully allowed my life to allowing myself to ask for help.


If you feel this nudge but afraid to ask for help and guidance...ask yourself


1) Why am I fearful to ask for help?

THEN, why do you feel this way/what makes you think this?

For instance, sometimes I find myself sinking into "I'm so fearful of being judged because of where I am at". I feel this way because I see what others are doing and I am comparing my path to theirs.

2) How does asking for help make me feel?

At one point, it made me feel weak and stupid because I couldn't help myself.

3) Has this belief served and aligned me with where I want to go?

This belief kept me in my Ego and pain. This belief didn't allow me to move forward or feel happy which was my number one desire when I began my journey.

4) Whose voice/what situations do I hear/think of when this belief comes up?

Growing up, I watched my step-dad never allow himself to ask for anyone's help. I listened to how he responded when someone would offer. I examined his body language and 'strength' (now fully recognizing it was his Ego protecting him from something) around only allowing help from his own two hands. I watched my mom struggle all her life with certain things and never allow herself to succumb to help. As a little girl, I wanted to be seen as strong, independent, and capable and a strong, independent, and capable woman doesn't ask or allow help from others right? That's the belief I created from watching those I looked up to in my childhood.


I realized July 19, 2017, that it was time I re-write that story. 

(To the amazing lady who accepted my outreach: I know you are reading this and I forever thank you for being that person for me.)


Fast forward almost three years later and many many doors have opened for me AND those around me.


You're safe. It's okay to not be fully in love with where you are at. It's okay to feel embarrassed and stupid. It's okay to succumb to your unhappiness and reality. 


Because when you do, you allow doors that have been locked shut to open effortlessly. What you have been dreaming and praying for, now seems possible. The purpose you have been searching for, naturally abrupts from within.


you are powerful. strong. and deserving.

and never allow your painned Ego and those around you tell yourself any different

*** If this is hitting home and lighting up your soul with possibility..reach out and let me know. Even a simple YES! will allow me to deepen into this and support in ways YOU need.


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