The Art of OVERTHINKING l Why it Happens

Dec 02, 2020

Where does overthinking come from? And why does it happen? Do I have the power to sever my relationship with it?


Without a doubt.


Two reasons overthinking happens.


One: A lack of connection with your body

Two: Your unprocessed past


Don’t give me crazy side-eyes. Hear me out!


Without rambling for hours, I’ll keep it short. Usually, when there is a lack of connection with your body, there is a lack of trust as well. When you don’t trust, you can’t openly receive the inner guidance your body can give. When you don’t trust you also aren’t living through your highest form of yourself (which God is fully involved in). So then where are the internal thought processes actually coming from?


Your past. It plays a huge part in your ability to think and move forward. The phrase ‘your past’ will also be defined differently than what you are used to. Your past, is what is left of it…the unprocessed pain, unprocessed trauma, the old stories, limitation, etc.


So with the combination of not having a strong connection with your body to be able to receive the inner guidance (that we all have), you also have a strong and determined unprocessed past that will do anything to keep you from moving forward in the right direction. Why?


Because you remember that one time you did ‘something’ and the pain it brought? Remember hearing someone tell you not to do ‘this’ because then 'this' is what happens? Remember the song you kept on repeat telling you to hide away your love? The examples could go on….This pain that lives within your past (until processed and released) is doing everything in its power (which it’s pretty damn strong) to keep you from experiencing an old emotion.


So when you sit in the present and try and make a decision to move forward….not only are you not trusting that you will make the ‘right’ decision but your pain will keep you from making that decision.


And the art of overthinking enters into your world...


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