trauma is trauma..pain is pain

Oct 02, 2020

It doesn’t matter if you came from the best family there ever was or lived like the “Child Called It”.


Trauma is trauma. Pain is pain. It doesn’t mean your loved ones fell short of raising you or that there was a lack of love/safety.


It means you’re human + that you experienced something + it didn’t feel good, or it felt scary + you didn’t have the tools to be able to properly digest what you experienced.


So it goes unprocessed + undealt with. Labeling it with “I never want to feel like this again”.


Now it’s living in your being + the moment a similar experience or emotion enters into your world, you subconsciously are taken back to that past experience.


You’re now triggered. You freak + react from that past situation out of protection. Even if it means responding from a space that severs the things most precious to you, bc that’s where they usually show up.


Then you’re left wondering, “what’s wrong with me?“ + the story just starts there.


This is how it happens. You go through an experience, of any sort (FROM reading in front of others + being made fun of for messing up, now translating to into you feeling fearful to use your voice -TO- your parents rejecting you + now you either close yourself off from relationships or cling on for dear life to your relationship especially an intimate one).


Just because you’ve been through pain, doesn’t mean you came from a fucked up family with parents that were incapable to raise or love you but in the same breath, it could also mean that.


Pain is pain. Trauma is trauma. And whether you believe it to be true or not, we all have it, we all react + reap from what we’ve been through UNTIL we make the conscious choice to confront what we’ve been through + end generational cycles of wounds.


It’s scary, I know. Trust me, I know this process all too well. I’ve fully committed myself to this. You don’t have to do it alone nor should you.


Reach out, let’s have a conversation + see where your vision is possible when you become dedicated to releasing your blocks. My private coaching is full-heartedly dedicated to the woman committing herself to something greater than what she currently knows to be true right now.


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