Unprocessed Emotions Live in the Body

Jul 15, 2020

When an emotion bursts from the seam and it doesn't feel the best...what is your first reaction? To shove it down and away OR to feel and process through it?

Likely, your instinct is to push it far into the ground praying it never surfaces again.

How do I know? I'm a physic...sikee

We've seen from others that shoving it in a box and redundantly taping the seams together will never allow it to show again. Would you agree?

If you're reading this my tingingly spider senses are telling me you that know that to be complete bird sh*t!

You've felt the relapse of the pain it brings.
You've felt the reactions that bring guilt.
You've felt relationships struggle because of this.
You've felt your happiness be pulled right from beneath you the moment you felt it.
You've lived through moments of constantly pretending you're okay.
You feel stuck, confused, and unhappy at your core.


I hear you. It doesn't have to be like this NOR should it be!


What you have been taught likely stemmed from love BUT again...is bird sh*t.

When do you claim a different outcome for yourself, your kiddos if they exist, your life...when does enough truly become enough?


You're not a failure because you're at this point. IN FACT, this point will later be defined as such a transformative and pivotal moment in your life! I promise..just wait


So onto the meat of this reading....when we live a life parallel to the above belief, we are leaving emotions unprocessed which in turn creates trauma.


And can you guess where this trauma is living?



About two years ago, my fiance and I were at his mom's. We were beginning to get into tension and I needed to walk away to breathe and have a moment to process so that I wouldn't blow up.

 As I began walking away, he gently placed his hand on my arm to keep me there to discuss.

 I went from a calm frustrated to..."get the f*ck off of me", heavy breathing, shaking, and survival mode. 

Where did that come from?


 Rewind some time...and you'll find the trauma that was locked up in my body.


Prior to my fiance and I, I was in a relationship. That relationship was far from a healthy foundation. When we got into tension, he would restrict and force me into small spaces so that I couldn't leave and physical force was sometimes used.

At that point in my life, I never processed that relationship. I feared it and didn't want to relive it. I suppressed it. I ran from it. The thoughts, fears, everything.


Fast forward to the situation with my fiance and I...my body was reacting from that unprocessed emotion that morphed into a trauma. That situation subconsciously took me back to that relationship and I freaked out.


To the surface, I looked crazy and unstable..flipping out so quickly over something so gentle and small.

Behind the scenes, I was trying to protect myself.


  • I had to sit with this reaction.
  • Feel into it.
  • Listen to it.
  • Ask it questions.
  • Hold compassion for it.
  • I had to label the emotions and feelings that came to me then with my fiance and with the past relationship.
  • I then had to feel those emotions. I had to allow the tape to be ripped open from the box so that it could be released from my precious body.
  • I had to have an effective conversation with Justin so we could be on the same page and it not bring additional tension from his lack of knowing.
  • Then, I had to rewrite this belief. I couldn't live with the same belief that when (x) happens (this) is to follow. I have a man that ensures I feel safe. Meaning my reality at that point was fully my responsibility to change and NOONE else's....including the man that was apart of that trauma.


Trauma can guilt us from feeling through it because sometimes it can look so "silly". Like being laughed at for messing up on a word (which later can translate to a person being fearful to speak up and use their voice in fear of being rejected and made fun of again) to PTSD from extensive abuse.


Trauma is Trauma. There is no scale to it.


Allow yourself to be released from it so you can begin to live and experience life on a deeper, more joyous level...as you deserve to!


Share with me below what you feel you struggle the most with during the process of fully releasing your trauma and I'll provide feedback!


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