Nov 21, 2020

How to finally let go of a negative thought? Right.

This has been a very hot question lately.

First, let’s dive into a different perspective. What if this thought, wasn’t actually categorized as ‘positive’ or more importantly ‘negative’? What if everything we try and place in the negative trash bin actually held a great deal of power, truth, acceptance, and freedom? What if we only categorized it as negative because we weren’t taught how to question our thoughts?


What if we actually placed our attention, love, and compassion into this ‘negative’ thought and questioned why we believe it to be true to begin with? Where did this come from? When did I learn this? You’ll likely uncover you learned this somewhere in the journey of life…from someone else.


But do you ever notice that no matter what you do whether you try and forget it, cover it up with a positive mantra or affirmation, sweep it under the rug, ask the Universe for support that it continues to sneak up? You can trick the mind, but the body never forgets UNTIL it’s released. Meaning, if you drop trash in your home, you can’t just pull a rug over it and wallah it’s gone. The trash is still there. Your ‘negative’ thought is still there and controlling what you receive and live through.


And in fact, each time you sweep it away or cover it up, it’s gaining more and more control over you. If you wish to fully release this thought, you have to bring it into the light so you can see it for what it is, uncover the falseness it carries and consciously choose to create something that aligns with you.


What you sweep under the rug accumulates, becomes a nuisance, intensifies, stinks, grows, and festers into this (eventually) debilitating bump in the rug. If you desire to walk smoothly without tripping, you have to lift up the rug and remove what doesn’t belong.


And along the way, bc you are no longer fearing it….you find power and strength in what was once considered a ‘negative’ thought and you reap a breakthrough.


For How to Release a Negative Thought: https://brooke-manley.mykajabi.com/podcast

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